Building Automation Expertise And Experience

Design and installation of control systems

BBP Energies designs the entire automatic regulation system for your building infrastructure.
It also installs all the equipment required, whether pneumatic, electrical, electronic, or digital.

Managing and controlling energy to save money

Heating and air conditioning systems are responsible for more than 30% of the energy consumed in a typical office building. Automating these systems can cut electricity or gas costs by up to 20 to 50%, while simultaneously reducing the costs of maintaining these units


Measures implemented:

-Load shedding

-Lowering temperature in line with activities

-Control of stops/departures

-Ambient air vented overnight to reduce the air conditioning load

-Optimization of intake air volume in line with needs

Energy control and management for the comfort of occupants

It’s easy to reduce operation costs if you do so at the expense of your occupants’ comfort. However, keep in mind that managing complaints is costly, both in the short and long run. Your building’s control systems should help you save money while ensuring your occupants are comfortable. BBP Énergies can help with both.

The Automation Division of BBP Energies work with Strato Automation advanced products to build smart solutions

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